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How to X Without Y So You Can Z

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How to X Without Y So You Can Z

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How to X Without Y So You Can Z

About Me! Who Am I?

My name is Jill Kay and I am a Functional Nutritionist and owner of Down to Earth Wellness.

I help outdoorsy women beat burnout so that they can feel more energized, calm and back to the weekend adventures that feed their soul.

In This Checklist, You Will Learn:

  • The sneaky reasons fatigue may be showing up

  • How many of us approach fatigue the wrong way 

  • ​Some actionable strategies that to help to repair fatigue quickly

  • One simple TIP that can be a game changer for creating more energy (Hint: It's not drinking more coffee!)

  • ​Why we've got to approach fatigue holistically and not with band aid solutions

  • ​Some key tests that we can get to look deeper at root issues and dig into why fatigue may be showing up

  • How fatigue is often a symptom and what other health factors we should consider that may be contributing to fatigue

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